Travel Israel tours

Travel Israel tours

Travel Israel tours

Are you looking forward to traveling in Israel? If you are Jews or Christians who live in North America, we invite you to contact E.D.I. Travel. The mains goal of our company is to provide our clients high-end services and the journey of a lifetime. Whether you are looking for an authentic Bedouin experience, to participate in an archeological dig, take a jeep tour across the northern border of Israel or visit Jerusalem, we will gladly help you travel Israel!

Travel Israel tours: Ask all the important questions

Israel is one of the most sacred, beautiful and fascinating countries in the world. Religious sites, breathtaking scenery, diverse and intriguing cultures – there are so many aspects to explore in the Holy Land. It is no wonder why so many Americans choose to visit Israel with family and friends.

Are planning to visit the Holy Land? Do you intend to choose a travel package? When contacting a company that specializes in travel tours to Israel, you should ask these important questions:

  • What does the travel package include? A rigorous itinerary? A leisurely one? A blend of the two? Check out your itinerary carefully.
  • What are the qualifications of your tour guide?
  • How many participants will the tour include?
  • What accommodations are offered? How long is your stay in each hotel?
  • What does the insurance include?
  • How much will the travel package cost you?
  • Additional relevant information?

Choose your travel package today!

Heading to Israel to explore its beautiful cities and historical sites is exciting. To order the travel package that serves your requirements, contact E.D.I. Travel.

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