Classic Evangelical tour to Israel

Classic Evangelical tour to Israel


Departure from the US

Upon arrival, you will meet your guide, who will be with you for the coming days. We will drive from the airport to the hotel on the Mediterranean coast, where we will have dinner and a good night’s sleep. 

Our adventure will start at Caesarea Maritima, under the days of Herod the Great, one of the largest seaports in the world. Here, Peter was imprisoned before he was sent to Rome. Continue north to Mount Carmel, where we will learn about Prophet Elijah. Megiddo, also known as Armageddon, located on Via Maris, the road from Egypt to the Kingdoms of the north. The last stop will be Mount Precipice, outside Nazareth, the site from which Jesus vanished as the crowd attempted to throw Him off the hill after they chased Him away from the synagogue. Dinner and overnight at our hotel in Galilee. 

We will spend the day around the Sea of Galilee, visiting the sites where Jesus performed 80% of his miracles. We will also visit the Jordan River for optional baptism. Dinner and overnight Sea of Galilee.

We will leave beautiful Galilee and drive south towards Beit Shean, close to Mount Gilboa, where the Philistines defeated King Saul. Today it’s the largest archeological site in the country. We will drive through the Jordan Valley to Jericho, the oldest city in the world. End the day with a fantastic experience, floating on the unique water of the Dead Sea. Dinner and overnight on the shore of the Dead Sea.

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From the Mount of Olives, we will walk down to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed on the night of his arrest before the Crucifixion. Walk along the Via Dolorosa (the Stations of the Cross) that ends at The Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Continue to Mt Zion, where we’ll see the Room of the Last Supper, Caiaphas’s house and the dungeon where Jesus was incarcerated after His arrest. No visit to the Holy Land would be complete without a visit to Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born.

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount is one of the most magnificent and significant Jerusalem remnants from the Second Temple’s days. The Southern Steps are the steps Jesus of Nazareth and other Jews of his era walked up to approach the Temple, especially on the great pilgrimage festivals. The Israel Museum is Israel’s largest cultural institution and is ranked among the world’s leading archeology museums. We will see the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Temple model. End our tour at the Garden Tomb with communion and time for prayer. 

Farewell dinner and overnight Jerusalem

Departure from Israel.

$1,230 / per person
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