E.D.I. Holy Land Christian Tours

E.D.I. Travel is your best choice for Destination Israel. We offer inspired touring designed just for you: Our theme-oriented holy land tours or customized itineraries allow you to experience Israel and it’s people in your own way and at your own pace.

E.D.I. Travel specializes in Christian tourism to Israel, with particular focus on Protestant missions. Over the last 15 years, E.D.I. General Manager Boaz Shalgi has guided hundreds of first-time and returning pilgrims through the Holy Land. For this reason, E.D.I continues to be the first choice of many pastors who want give their parishioners the best introduction to the land where Jesus lived and taught. They have come to rely on E.D.I to provide what they know will be a profound and inspiring experience. The first choice for Holy land tours is E.D.I. Travel.

We appreciate the special quality of a pilgrimage to Israel as an important spiritual milestone and therefore guarantee that your needs and expectations will be fully met in a sensitive and respectful fashion. Both of our equally attractive tour options provide you with a meaningful and memorable Holy Land visit.

Scheduled Tours

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