Guided tours in Israel

Guided tours in Israel

Guided tours in Israel

Interested in participating in a guided tour in Israel? The Holy Land is the essence of religion, spirit, faith and hope. Many people wish to learn more about Israel, its historical sites, captivating scenery and welcoming people. If you want to learn about Israel, and experience firsthand all that the country has to offer, a good way to do this would be a guided tour. E.D.I. Travel founder and CEO Boaz Shalgi, a licensed tour guide, has over twenty years of experience in organizing wonderful tours for visitors from all over the world.

Guided tours in Israel: Visit the Holy Land

Every country around the world has its unique sites, scenery and culture; traveling is always a fascinating experience. Israel is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and beautiful countries to visit, and touring its sites is especially meaningful for Jewish and Christian visitors. In fact, Israel, a country of 9 million people, is visited by 4.55 million tourists a year!

From the Sea of Galilee and Mount Carmel to the Negev and Mount Hermon, Israel has a lot to offer tourists. Whether you are coming alone, with your family or your parish, a guided tour can be the way to go.

When exploring the options of guided tours, you should check reviews and recommendations, check out travel packages that are offered, itineraries and accommodations. It is also important that the guided tour be led by a licensed tour guide, who has a real passion for his profession

Guided tours in Israel – an unforgettable experience for pilgrims

Israel is one of the holiest countries in the world. Therefore, it has a lot to offer groups who come on pilgrimage. To check out options, contact E.D.I. Travel for more information.

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