Pastor Paul’s Holy Land Experience!

Pastor Paul’s Holy Land Experience!

Pastor Paul’s Holy Land Experience!

We recently hosted a Pastors Tour through much of Israel and have to say, it was a great success!

The weather was superb (although the winter has returned with a vengeance over recent days, and yes, it has even be snowing in Israel!), the audience captive and very enthusiastic about seeing the Holy Land up close and personal, and well, frankly, we wish we could do way more of these types of tours!

Among the many Holy Land gems we visited were sites around the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea, the Western Wall Tunnels, and, of course, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

And then when you receive an email from one of the pastors on the tour (Pastor Paul R. Viswasam), it makes it all worthwhile. We know what it’s like for many visitors to the Holy Land, especially when they visit sites like Bethlehem and Jerusalem for the very first time, and it’s very rewarding to get some inspirational feedback – especially when we also get a tremendous amount of satisfaction and joy out of our Holy Land Tours!

Take it away Paul…

My Holy Land Experience!!

Having read the Bible since my childhood and preached the Gospel for
34 years, it has been my dream to set my foot on the Holy Land.

Although we could download pictures and pertinent information on
just about any place in Israel, nothing can be compared to
walking where Jesus walked, seeing the landscape where the
Old Testament Patriarchs settled, seeing the sights that Jesus perhaps
saw, hearing the sounds of the wind, tasting the water of the Promised
Land and the wonderful hospitality of God’s beautiful people.

It was an uplifting spiritual walkthrough.

“Experience Destination Israel” (EDI) headed by Boaz and
Magie Shalgi gave me this rare opportunity in February, 2015. Boaz is
a walking encyclopedia on the Holy Land, his experience and passion
enriched my Holy Land visit.

The tour started with the serene settings of Galilee and ended with a
solemn walk through the Holocaust museum and a victory peek at the
Garden-open tomb of Jesus.

If anyone plans to experience the Holy Land, EDI is the place to start.
My experience left an indelible mark in my heart.

Paul R. Viswasam

Pastor, Crosspoint Fellowship Church

Columbia, MD, USA

Boaz’s Insight

Paul, it was an absolute pleasure hosting you and your Pastor colleagues, and we were delighted that we could bring the Bible alive for you! We hope to see you very soon, back here in the Holy Land!

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