Old City of Magdala

Old City of Magdala

Old City of Magdala

We are happy to announce that our groups can now visit the Old City of Magdala.

Like many other places in Israel, Magdala was “accidentally” discovered. Someone purchased a piece of land by the Sea of Galilee in order to build a hotel only to find out that the place is Magdala. So far, a synagogue with an amazing menorah engraved on it was found. It is believed that it is the oldest menorah ever discovered. Some very interesting mikvehs were also found and unlike other mikvehs they receive their living water from the very high aquifer. There is a beautiful chapel for services as well.

Magdala is mentioned by Josephus as a Jewish town of fisher men. The most famous thing about Magdala is the sea battle between the Roman navy and the Jewish fisher men that ended with tragic results on the Jewish side. This is also the town of Mary Magdalene.

We do our best to be updated with the most recent discoveries so we can provide you with the best Israel tour once you set your foot on the ground.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our Christian and Jewish friends Happy Hanukka and Merry Christmas. We are looking forward to welcoming you next year.

Finally, a reminder about our Pastors’ tour in February (3-11) for only $1100.

Best wishes from the E.D.I. Team

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