Some facts about The Hula Valley

Some facts about The Hula Valley

Some facts about The Hula Valley

During ancient times The Hula Valley was a main junction on the important trade route connecting the large commercial centre of Damascus with the eastern Mediterranean coast and Egypt.

The marshland around Lake Hula was a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying malaria and therefore drained in the 1950s. A small section of the valley was later reflooded in an attempt to revive a nearly extinct ecosystem.

The Hula Valley is located in the center of the Afro-Syrian Rift and one of the most significant bird migration routes in the world.

During every migration season )fall and spring), over 500 million birds from more than 400 species migrate in the skies above us.

The phenomenon of migrating birds is mentioned in the Bible, (Jeremiah 8:7)

In November 2011, the Hula painted frog, classified as extinct since 1996 by the IUCN as a result of the marsh drainage, reappeared to park patrollers in The Hula Valley.

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