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Boaz Shalgi – E.D.I. Travel to Israel

Boaz Shalgi, the General Manager of EDI Travel, is a seventh generation Israeli with a passion for his country and an urge to share its spectacular history, culture, sights and sounds with visitors from abroad.

Boaz, who grew up in the winding streets of Jerusalem, spent six years of his childhood in Nigeria where his father was employed, and it was there that he developed an early passion for travel. After serving in an IDF combat unit, in 1995 Boaz became a licensed tour guide.

Turning his love of the land and enthusiasm for history into a thriving career, Boaz has spent the last 15 years taking hundreds of individuals and groups around Israel, gaining lifelong friends who are a testimony to his extraordinary professionalism, vast knowledge and warm personality.

Tourism comes naturally to the Shalgi family. Boaz’s mother Nurit worked as a tour operator for more than three decades and his wife Maggie spent many years as an organizer of international conferences. Both are today engaged with Boaz in the EDI enterprise, adding motivation and skills to the company profile.