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Israel vacation tours

Are you planning your next vacation? Are you interested in experiencing the journey of a lifetime? Contact E.D.I. Travel to learn more about israel vacation tours. From Catholic holy land tour, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour to family adventure tours – we, at E.D.I. Travel, specialize in incoming Jewish and Christian tourism from North America. Moreover, E.D.I founded by Boaz Shalgi – an experienced tour guide as well as a 7th generation Israeli.

Israel vacation tours: participating in exciting adventures

Every few months, we start to feel an itch; a desire to explore – and set out to new experiences. This time around, when planning your next visit abroad, we recommend the following adventure: israel vacations tours.

Indeed, Israel is one of the most sacred and unique countries in the world. As such, many people, Jewish and Christian alike, looking forward to their religious travels in the holy land. However, we should note that Israel offers so much more than religious excursions. In fact, there are several types of tours families and other groups of people can enjoy – while staying at this fascinating country.

Are you interested in visiting Israel anytime soon? To find out more about the kinds of tours you can participate in, read the following points:

  • A day in the desert
  • Jeep tour of the northern border
  • Tikkun Olam on tour
  • Participating in an archeological dig
  • Going on an authentic Bedouin experience
  • Meeting the Druze

Israel vacation tours with the expertise of Boaz Shalgi

Are you interested in participating in a once in a lifetime experience? Rightfully so! Touring Israel, with the expertise of Boaz Shalgi, will answer everything you ever dreamt of – and so much more. Contact E.D.I. Travel to receive more information.