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Israel group tours

Are you interested in experiencing an once in a lifetime journey? You are more than welcome to contact E.D.I. Travel and participate in israel group tours. Whether you wish to follow the footsteps of Jesus, visiting the old city of Magdala or learning more about the rich history and culture of Israel – E.D.I. Travel's veteran tour guide, Boaz Shalgi, will lead the way and answer your questions.

Israel group tours: search for the travel package

We should spend each and every day learning new facts, participate in new experiences and create new memories. These actions mean different things to different people – when many of us prefer to explore the world as well as thoroughly understand our background. Part of it means engaging with new groups of people – as well as visiting new countries.

Whether you are Jewish or Christian, and intend to learn more about your identity – israel group tour is the recommended option for you. What does the itinerary of the tour usually includes? It varies and depends on several variables:

  • First, you should decide which routes, sites and cities you must visit in your next trip to Israel. This way, the following points will be easier to establish.
  • Depending on the cities and specific interests, the length of the tour will be set accordingly.
  • What are the accommodations during the trip and where will the group eat during the day?

The above notes, as well as others, will navigate you through the search after the finest tour package.

Experiencing the holy land firsthand with Israel group tours

Experiencing the holy land firsthand will leave its mark – as wonderful memories will accompany you for the rest of your lives. To learn more about group tours to Israel, contact E.D.I. Travel.